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Department of General Studies

Mr. Mike Abang
- H.O.D, General Studies


The department of General Studies was created in the year 2007 and has the dual objective of:

* Catering for member of staff whose areas of specialisation are not in any of the existing departments of the college.

*Teaching those subjects which are not core subjects to the existing departments of the college. the subject taught by the department includes:

(a) Use of English
(b) Mathematics
(c) Physics
(d) Chemistry
(e) Biology
(f) Citizenship Education
(g) Food and Nutrition
(h) Microbiology
(i) Psychology
(j) Genetics
(k) Human Anatomy/Physiology
(l) Philosophy, Culture and Civilization
(m) Statistics
(n) Business Management
(o) Health Education and Training (p) Sociology
(q) Citizenship Education
(r) Clinical Governance
(s) Biochemistry
(t) Parasitology
(u) General Laboratory Techniques
(v) Biostatics

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